CultureMonday 08.08.22

Charlamagne to PPP loan scammers: “Y’all know President Biden loves locking Black people up, and y’all just helped him!”

CHARLAMAGNE: Y’all know President Biden love locking, locking up black people up and y'all just helped him.

See, I'm not wishing jail on, nobody, I just understand this: consequences to all our actions and for some reason in this era people have forgotten that. All right, folks want to do whatever it is, they want to do and then get mad when they don't get away with it, it's unreal to me. The mindset is crazy, okay?

And these bills that Biden sign will extend the statute of limitations for prosecuting cases of fraud against the government for 10 years? So for the next decade, if you did a fraudulent PPP scam, you better act like you were rapper from Atlanta who's been warned by the DEA that more recalls are on the way over the next 60 days. By the way, she said that that three weeks ago. So y'all got about three or four more weeks left.

But I just want to know what made y'all think y'all could get away with this fraudulent PPP loan scam in the first place?

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