PoliticsMonday 01.24.22

Biden’s Big Judicial Victory

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One year after taking office, Joe Biden’s presidency has been a mixed bag. Barebones majorities and defiant moderates in his own party have stymied much of his agenda, while a stubborn pandemic and restless electorate have hurt his approval rating. But one area where Biden has had undisputed success: Judges. In his first year, Biden appointed more federal judges to the bench than any president in modern history; and when it comes to the all-important circuit judges, Biden’s first year set the all-time record - 13, more than 4x Obama. And it’s not just the number: Biden’s appointees are the most diverse ever, making an unprecedented mark on the federal bench. But there’s a big catch. Looming in Democrats’ rear-view mirror are the 2022 midterm elections. With a 50-50 split in the Senate, losing even one seat would hand the chamber to Mitch McConnell - making the stakes for the November Senate elections sky-high for the future of the courts.

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