PoliticsWednesday 08.03.22

Alex Jones says any financial penalty over $2M for his Sandy Hook trial will "sink" InfoWars.

Infowars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was asked by Judge Maya Guerra Gamble what he though would be the appropriate restitution for the damage and suffering he had inflicted on Sandy Hook families by insisting the entire event was a false flag. The trial has become something of a spectacle, with Jones’ lawyers accidentally providing 2 years of his phone text and email records to the prosecuting attorneys, showing that Jones had lied under oath about a number of matters, including the financial situation of his company, which he claimed was close to insolvency.

JUDGE MAYA GUERRA GAMBLE: What compensation would you believe to be appropriate?

ALEX JONES: What compensation do I think appropriate despite these numbers that were presented, the best week we ever had? That's when Covid was starting and there was a run on storable food nationwide, and so they…

JUDGE: Mr Jones…

JONES: No, but I'm just saying,

JUDGE: We don't... what compensation, it doesn't really matter about that.

JONES: I understand, but I can answer the question however I wish? I'm not barred from talking about where we're at financially

JUDGE: No you are, at this stage. Right now the question is what compensation would be appropriate.

JONES: Any compensation above two million dollars will sink us and we will be shut down

JUDGE: No, no no NO. Appropriate not to you appropriate for what happened to them.

JONES: I mean I mean I think it's appropriate for whatever, whatever you decide you want to do that because I'm really…uh…

JUDGE: That's a great answer. Thank you.

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