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Best of Chopper Talk

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It's become Trumpian canon to pause for impromptu moments of unrestrained commentary before lifting off in Marine One. It’s something that we at The Recount are incredibly grateful for this holiday season. As our gift to you, we present the best of President Trump’s chopper talk.


House Impeaches Trump \ White House Reacts \ #tbt Trump on Impeachment

The Daily Recount

Not sure if you heard, but the president was impeached today. Not sure if you watched, but those House floor speeches were quite theatrical. And if you neither heard nor saw, we got you covered. Ten hours boiled down to five minutes — wild performances, sneaky maneuvers, rage tweets, and all.


Impeachment in the Morning \ Impeachment in the Afternoon \ What We Learned Today

The Daily Recount

Vindman. Williams. Volker. Morrison. Four witnesses. Two hearings. One loooong day. It was a day of firsts: This morning, we heard from the first witnesses on that July 25th phone call with Ukraine. This afternoon, we heard from the first witnesses summoned by the GOP. And most importantly, we heard from our first witness over 7 feet tall! The stakes have never been higher for the impeachment investigation. So if there's a day to watch the Daily Recount, it's this one.


Public Impeachment Week 2 \ Trump's Hospital Visit \ Obama’s 2020 Warning \ Biden on Marijuana

The Daily Recount

NINE witnesses are testifying publicly this week. Yes, you read that right: N-I-N-E, including three White House staffers who were on that July 25th call with Ukraine. It might be time for Trump to cut back on his McDonald's visits after a last-minute, non-routine doctor's visit this weekend. Plus, Obama sends a pointed warning to 2020 Dems about being #TooFarLeft.


The Case Against Trump \ The Counterattack \ How It Played \ Welch Drops the Mic

The Daily Recount

We'd like to officially welcome you to the public phase of the impeachment investigation. And oh baby, what a wild ride it will be. Today we heard from Acting Ukraine Ambassador Bill Taylor and State Department official George Kent. We're recapping their testimonies, the GOP's counterattack and the media's breakdown of how it all played out — all in less than five minutes.


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