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Looking Ahead to Senate Trial

The Daily Recount

Ah, The Daily Recount: Weekend Edition —proven to cure your Sunday Scaries and get you up-to-speed on the weekend in politics. Today we’re tackling three big questions: Did Iran pose an imminent threat? What can we expect from this impeachment trial? And… did Trump really just say that? Get all your answers in five minutes.


Pressure Mounts on Pelosi

The Daily Recount

Those impeachment articles have been sitting on Nancy Pelosi’s desk for three weeks now — sad, lonely, scared — but pressure is rising to turn them over. Today the House voted to limit the president’s war powers. Plus, Trump deals a blow to the climate crisis, and Sarah Sanders needs a refresher on the Constitution.


Trump's Iran Address \ Congress Briefed on Iran \ Waiting on Pelosi \ And Pelosi Says...

The Daily Recount

The classic Trump adage is back: When in doubt, blame Obama. The president briefed the country on Iran today, while his top advisers briefed members of Congress — leaving one staunch Republican thoroughly unimpressed. Meanwhile, the Senate wants a trial ASAP, and Pelosi’s fed up with all the crap.


Iran Conflict Escalates \ Dems Pivot to Foreign Policy \ McConnell Flexes on Impeachment \ Similar Stances

The Daily Recount

Democrats remain unconvinced there was an imminent Iranian threat before the U.S. airstrike. The 2020 candidates shift focus to foreign policy. And Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sticks to his impeachment motto: no witnesses, no documents, no problems.


6th Dem Debate Recap \ Impeachment Standoff \ Trump Vs. Christianity Today \ Klobuchar Misses Booker

The Daily Recount

The dust has settled, and the boxing gloves are back in storage — your post-debate analysis and commentary is here. Plus, Speaker Pelosi is withholding the impeachment articles as leverage for a fair Senate trial. And one prominent evangelical magazine is done overlooking Trump’s sins. Bless his heart.


Rudy's Stunning Admissions \ Dem Debate Deal Reached \ Congress Funds Gun Research \ Trump's Letter to Pelosi

The Daily Recount

Rudy "Hand Grenade" Giuliani is at it again, squeezing in one last bit of trouble before the full House impeachment vote tomorrow. Thursday's Dem debate is on after a labor dispute at the venue was resolved in time, but barely. Plus, the new government spending bill was approved, dishing out $25 million toward gun violence prevention research. And it wouldn't be a Daily Recount without Trump and Pelosi going at it.


Articles of Impeachment \ Biden Ad Hits Trump \ Food Stamp Crackdown \ Pelosi: Don't Mess With Me

The Daily Recount

Sharpen your colored pencils, folks — the House is drawing up official articles of impeachment and McConnell is at the ready. Biden capitalizes on Trump's NATO summit embarrassment. The SNAP food stamp program is under attack, just in time for Christmas. Plus, remind us to never incite the wrath of Pelosi.


Unpacking Impeachment \ GOP Senate Strategy \ 2020 Dem Field Expands \ Promises Made, Promises Unkept

The Daily Recount

Well, there's no going back now: Capitol Hill is still buzzing from yesterday's impeachment hearing — and gearing up to do it all again tomorrow. Senate Republicans are plotting their revenge if the House votes to impeach Trump, placing 2020 Dems at the center of the crossfire. Plus, a new player hops in the race while 10 others prepare for next week's debate.


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