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Military for Sale

The Daily Recount

Ah, The Daily Recount: Weekend Edition — proven to cure your Sunday Scaries and get you up-to-speed on the weekend in politics. Today we’re tackling three big questions: Did Iran pose an imminent threat? What can we expect from this impeachment trial? And… did Trump really just say that? Get all your answers in five minutes.


How We Got a Space Force


Lots of talk about the military after this week’s events, but what about Trump’s newly-minted, (but not actually that new at all), intergalactic branch? As the program develops, we grant everyone the hope that the Space Force be with you.


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The Daily Recount

Impeachment Trial: The Week Ahead

The Daily Recount: Weekend Edition is here — your recap of the weekend in politics and a glimpse at the week ahead. We’re just two days away from the historic impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Here’s everything you need to know.

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