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Trump Outs the Whistleblower \ Damning Leaked Navy SEAL Vids \ Trump's New Sec of State? \ Still Not Doing It

The Daily Recount

Trump’s gone on a lot of Twitter tirades over the years, but he may have reached a new low today. The president has praised controversial Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher as an “ultimate fighter,” but new interviews from his platoon paint a very different picture. Plus, is Trump in the market for a new secretary of state?


Sondland's Explosive Testimony \ Trump's Sondland Problem \ Dem Debate Preview \ Everybody Loves Gordon

The Daily Recount

Doesn't get much clearer than the "answer is yes." Sondland veered onto an alternate course today as he confirms a quid pro quo. Plus, that $1 million donation to Trump's inaugural committee didn't stop Sondland from throwing the president under the bus, along with Pompeo… and Bolton… and Mulvaney… and Pence… and Giuliani. Holy shit. Oh, and if that weren't enough, there's a Dem debate tonight at 9 p.m. ET.


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