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Trump Hypes Jobs Report \ Dem Frontrunners' Fights \ House Impeachment Deadline \ Bullshit Corner

The Daily Recount

If you haven't seen Trump's tweets today, he wants you to know unemployment is down. Really far down. The 2020 Dems started swinging this week, at each other and at voters. And, we found out The White House will not participate in Monday's impeachment hearing. Plus, in other non-shocking news, Rudy was in Ukraine (again) this week. Actually. We're not joking.


As Kamala Exits, Dems Ponder Debates' Legacy

Recap 2020

With Kamala Harris's exit, an awkward reality dawned on Democratic leaders: The cast of the December debate is shaping up to be all-white. That reality, in turn, sparked a wider unease with how the party has handled the debates… John Heilemann is analyzing this and more in Recap 2020.


Ukraine Timeline in Question \ Impeachment Phase 2 \ Biden Steady, Warren Slips \ Rocky Trump

The Daily Recount

Turns out Trump may not have been truthful about the timeline of this whole Ukraine scandal. Can you imagine that? Plus, we're breaking down those new Dem polls and what you should expect when the House Judiciary Committee takes over the impeachment probe next week.


Trump Bucks McGahn Ruling \ The Giuliani Investigation \ Student Debt Debate \ Birds of a Feather

The Daily Recount

We learned a lot today: Presidents are not kings (in case someone forgot), the House Judiciary Committee will begin its impeachment investigation, and federal prosecutors are narrowing in on Rudy Giuliani from all sides. Plus, to forgive or not to forgive? When it comes to student loan debt, that is the question.


Dr. Hill & Mr. Holmes \ Russia Finally In Focus \ Dem Debate Standouts \ Adjourned

The Daily Recount

What's that phrase? Save the best for last? Whether or not it was deliberate, today's witnesses left no room for questions...literally...Republicans actually stopped asking questions. From the calm lucidity of Holmes, to the assured hyper-competence of the instantly iconic Hill, get the full picture of the House's final public hearing. Oh! We almost forgot, there was a debate last night to catch up on too.


Sondland's Explosive Testimony \ Trump's Sondland Problem \ Dem Debate Preview \ Everybody Loves Gordon

The Daily Recount

Doesn't get much clearer than the "answer is yes." Sondland veered onto an alternate course today as he confirms a quid pro quo. Plus, that $1 million donation to Trump's inaugural committee didn't stop Sondland from throwing the president under the bus, along with Pompeo… and Bolton… and Mulvaney… and Pence… and Giuliani. Holy shit. Oh, and if that weren't enough, there's a Dem debate tonight at 9 p.m. ET.


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This Week in Bullshit

Cruz, Graham, and Lavrov

We've got a true trifecta on This Week in Bullshit: the loser of the 2016 duel who sucks up to the winner by playing the fool, the southern-fried tool who took the plunge into the deep end of Trump cesspool, and the stone-faced Kremlin ghoul who serves The Donald his Moscow Mules. Is that too much bull to handle?


Rudy, P.I.

Rudy Giuliani: mayor, candidate, cyber probe, lobbyist, lawyer, and self-appointed private investigator. Is there any job he can do? Watch this week's Animocracy and decide for yourself.

The Daily Recount

DOJ Watchdog Testifies \ Dems Prep Impeachment Vote \ One-Term Biden? \ Public Service Announcement

The DOJ watchdog found no evidence of political bias in the FBI's probe of the 2016 Trump campaign — but if you thought this would cause Republicans to stop defending their boss, think again. A handful of House Dems could derail what was supposed to be an easy impeachment vote. Could Joe Biden be a one-and-done kinda guy? And Lindsey Graham makes us all want to shower in Purell.


Bush v. Gore: The Florida Recount

Nineteen years ago this week, the Florida recount ended. The presidential election was settled when the U.S. Supreme Court effectively ruled in favor of George W. Bush. Watch how history was made in this week's episode of Rewind.

The Daily Recount

Articles of Impeachment \ NAFTA Replacement \ DOJ Watchdog Report Fallout \ Bullshit Corner

As "coincidence" would have it, Trump met with the Russian foreign minister behind closed doors right after the House publicly introduced their two articles of impeachment. And say hello to the USMCA: our new trade deal resulting from a rare moment of cooperation between the House and the president. Plus, that IG report from way back when (yesterday) is causing a stir as Barr and Trump start their spin.

The Daily Recount

Judiciary Impeachment Hearing \ DOJ Watchdog Issues Report \ Warren Vs. Buttigieg Heats Up \ Impeachment Fashion

What's that old saying... save the loudest for last? A quick rundown of today's House impeachment hearing: Chairman Jerry Nadler banged the gavel at 9:09 a.m. ET, got objected at 9:10, and got protested by InfoWars at 9:11. Good times. Trump's already found a way to spin that new DOJ Inspector General report, and two Dem frontrunners are in a war of words. Plus, the season's hottest new handbag is here.

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