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Rudy's Stunning Admissions \ Dem Debate Deal Reached \ Congress Funds Gun Research \ Trump's Letter to Pelosi

The Daily Recount

Rudy "Hand Grenade" Giuliani is at it again, squeezing in one last bit of trouble before the full House impeachment vote tomorrow. Thursday's Dem debate is on after a labor dispute at the venue was resolved in time, but barely. Plus, the new government spending bill was approved, dishing out $25 million toward gun violence prevention research. And it wouldn't be a Daily Recount without Trump and Pelosi going at it.


Senate Impeachment Prep \ Dem Debate in Limbo \ NJ Democrat Defection \ Merry Christmas, Everybody

The Daily Recount

As the impeachment vote looms, House Dems must decide who will plead their case to Senate, and there's an unlikely name in the mix. Another group of Dems — the DNC — is scrambling to salvage Thursday night's debate. Plus, New Jersey Democrat Jeff Van Drew decided he's a Republican now. And, the yearly war on Christmas has officially commenced. Right on cue.


Dr. Hill & Mr. Holmes \ Russia Finally In Focus \ Dem Debate Standouts \ Adjourned

The Daily Recount

What's that phrase? Save the best for last? Whether or not it was deliberate, today's witnesses left no room for questions...literally...Republicans actually stopped asking questions. From the calm lucidity of Holmes, to the assured hyper-competence of the instantly iconic Hill, get the full picture of the House's final public hearing. Oh! We almost forgot, there was a debate last night to catch up on too.


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