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Friday, 01.22.2021

The Art of Trump’s Demise

Tony Schwartz, the man who ghostwrote Trump’s “The Art of the Deal,” on the self-inflicted wounds that brought down the former president.

Tony Schwartz, the man who ghostwrote Trump’s “The Art of the Deal,” on the self-inflicted wounds that brought down the former president.
Friday, 01.22.2021
The Art of Trump’s Demise
Attorney and Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway and former solicitor general Neal Katyal weigh the potential legal battles ahead for the former president.
Wednesday, 01.20.2021
Trump’s Post-Presidency Legal Jeopardy
The morning after she was in the House chamber during the siege of the U.S. Capitol, the Michigan congresswoman discusses being targeted by militias, other far-right extremists, and the president of the United States.
Wednesday, 01.13.2021
Debbie Dingell on the Trump “Hate Machine”
Adam Jentleson, deputy chief of staff to former Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid and author of "Kill Switch: The Rise of the Modern Senate," knows all too well how Mitch McConnell can obstruct a new president’s agenda.
Wednesday, 01.13.2021
What a 50-50 Senate Means for Biden
Hip-hop artist and activist Killer Mike talks about Atlanta’s post-George Floyd reckoning and the Peach State tilting blue.
Thursday, 11.12.2020
Georgia at the Crossroads
The hip-hop star and activist goes deep on the enthusiasm of Black voters in the face of historic disappointment and systemic racism.
Tuesday, 11.10.2020
Killer Mike’s Fatal Optimism
Democrat Jaime Harrison has come out of nowhere, shattered fundraising records, and given Republican incumbent Lindsey Graham the political fight of his life.
Monday, 11.02.2020
South Carolina's Senate Shocker
Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman says Trump’s COVID-denying homestretch behavior is perfectly tailored to repel persuadable voters.
Friday, 10.30.2020
Trump’s Appetite for (Self-) Destruction
Cook Political Report guru Dave Wasserman on how the polls and what they’re telling him are different this time around.
Thursday, 10.29.2020
Why 2020 Isn’t 2016 All Over Again
Chris Hill, founder of the pro-Trump Georgia Security Force 111% (pronounced “three percent”), discusses how his paramilitary group is preparing for the election results, whomever wins.
Friday, 10.23.2020
How One Militia is Prepping for the Election
Former FBI special agent Clint Watts explains how his fears about the election have shifted from Russian interference in 2016 to home-grown extremism in 2020.
Thursday, 10.22.2020
Barbarians at the Polls
Disinformation expert Clint Watts weighs in on the dubious origins of the latest attack on Joe and Hunter Biden.
Wednesday, 10.21.2020
The Biden-Ukraine Conspiracy
Lincoln Project co-founders Rick Wilson and Reed Galen discuss what they’ve learned about getting under the president’s skin
Thursday, 10.15.2020
The Art of Trolling Trump
Lincoln Project co-founders Rick Wilson and Reed Galen discuss using typically Republican tactics to aid Joe Biden.
Wednesday, 10.14.2020
Longtime GOP Strategists Take On Trump
The architect of Trump’s 2016 campaign delivers a baseless attack on mail-in voting and forecasts a post-election constitutional crisis.
Friday, 10.09.2020
Steve Bannon’s Dark Vision
Former Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal on the president’s apparent calculation that his new Supreme Court pick may help decide the election in his favor.
Thursday, 10.01.2020
Judicial Independence in the Age of Trump
Democratic activist and former Hillary Clinton adviser Brian Fallon on the argument for adding seats to the high court — and why Dems shouldn’t make it now.
Tuesday, 09.29.2020
The Case for Expanding SCOTUS
Pulitzer prize-winning science writer Laurie Garrett discusses what we’ve learned about the virus’s transmission and why cases will go up as the temperature comes down.
Friday, 09.25.2020
“The Coming Plague” Author on the Coming Winter COVID Surge
Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Laurie Garrett on how the administration’s polarizing politics are getting in the way of fighting the pandemic
Thursday, 09.24.2020
“The Coming Plague” Author on Trump’s War with Science Advisers
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer discusses her recent viral moment.
Wednesday, 09.23.2020
Shark Week, Revisited
Governor Gretchen Whitmer addresses concerns that a fall virus surge could decrease turnout in her key battleground state.
Tuesday, 09.22.2020
How COVID Could Impact Voting in Michigan
Ben Ginsberg, a lead attorney in the 2000 Florida recount, on why we should prepare for another delayed outcome this time around.
Thursday, 09.17.2020
Former Bush Campaign Lawyer Talks 2000 vs. 2020
Jennifer O’Malley Dillon worked for Gore on the 2000 Florida recount — and is bracing for a 2020 overtime that could be even more chaotic.
Wednesday, 09.16.2020
Biden Campaign Manager: We’re Ready for a Contested Election
The Wisconsin-based “Never Trumper” discusses why the president’s attacks on Biden aren’t landing in his state.
Thursday, 09.10.2020
Conservative Commentator Charlie Sykes: Midwestern Sensibility is Offended by Trump
The #NeverTrump Republican discusses his support of Joe Biden and why he thinks everyone is underestimating the Democratic nominee.
Wednesday, 09.09.2020
Conservative Commentator Charlie Sykes Talks Democrat “Bed-Wetting”
The civil rights leader discusses the moment that has been created by the intersection of the pandemic, anti-racism protests, and the upcoming election.
Wednesday, 09.02.2020
Rev. Sharpton: Lockdown Led Americans to Pay More Attention to Racial Injustice
Civil rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton discusses the president’s lack of response to the latest police shooting of an unarmed Black man: “It’s not in him to show that kind of decency.”
Monday, 08.31.2020
Rev. Al Sharpton: Trump is the Bull Connor of the 21st Century
The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee offers her tips on responding to Donald Trump’s attacks.
Wednesday, 08.26.2020
Hillary Clinton’s Debate Advice for Biden
The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee issues a stark warning about legal strategies Republicans will use to challenge results.
Monday, 08.24.2020
Hillary: “Biden Should Not Concede” If Election Is Close
The New Jersey senator discusses his expectations for the vice presidential debate this fall.
Wednesday, 08.19.2020
Cory Booker Talks Kamala Harris vs. Mike Pence
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