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Friday, 07.23.2021

TX Dems on Just Something About Her

On Just Something About Her, Texas State Reps. Gina Hinojosa and Mary González give an update on anti-choice legislation in the state.

On Just Something About Her, Texas State Reps. Gina Hinojosa and Mary González give an update on anti-choice legislation in the state.
Friday, 07.23.2021
TX Dems on Just Something About Her
Planned Parenthood president Alexis McGill-Johnson shares the reality of trying to get an abortion in 2021.
Friday, 07.23.2021
Just Something About Her feat. Alexis McGill Johnson
Reena Ninan talks to Harvard professor Daniel Ziblatt about the state of democracy.
Friday, 07.09.2021
Is Our Democracy Backsliding?
Reena Ninan talks to German Lopez about the future of drug policy in America.
Friday, 07.09.2021
The Future of Drug Policy
Reena Ninan talks to writers Charlie Warzel and Anne Helen Petersen about how the pandemic has changed how we view work. ›
Friday, 07.09.2021
The Great Reshuffle
Turns out, Republicans have literally no idea what critical race theory is.
Thursday, 07.08.2021
Critical Race Theory, According to the GOP
PA resident Jared Gale: "It's great that the rich people get to have nice sweetheart deals like that where they don't get prosecuted, where normal people like you and I would just be thrown into jail and forgotten about."
Wednesday, 06.30.2021
PA Resident Speaks Out After Cosby Ruling
Hell & High Water with John Heilemann feat. John Ellis and Rebecca Darst
Monday, 05.17.2021
Hell & High Water
Just Something About Her with Jennifer Palmieri featuring Former Australian PM Julia Gillard
Monday, 05.17.2021
Just Something About Her with Julia Gillard
Battleground with Amanda Litman and Faiz Shakir feat. Teddy Schleifer
Monday, 05.17.2021
Battleground with Teddy Schleifer
Monday, 05.17.2021
News Items Podcast
"Don't send nude photos" is not a solution to the issue of revenge porn. Katie Hill gets candid about America's history of victim-blaming, the narrative around consent, and her hopes for the next generation.
Monday, 05.10.2021
Katie Hill's Message to Young People
Katie Hill may have been the first high-profile revenge porn victim within politics, but that doesn't mean she will be the last. Listen to her argument for the SHIELD Act — and the dangerous precedent it will set if left unpassed.
Monday, 05.10.2021
Katie Hill on Being a Revenge Porn Victim
Rep. Matt Gaetz came to Katie Hill's defense after her nude photos were leaked without consent. Now, Gaetz is accused of distributing photos himself.
Monday, 05.10.2021
Katie Hill on Matt Gaetz Allegations
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the Congressional Black Caucus presser after Derek Chauvin's verdict: "Thank you George Floyd for sacrificing your life for justice."
Tuesday, 04.20.2021
Speaker Pelosi Thanks George Floyd
Same room, same war. 20 years apart.
Wednesday, 04.14.2021
Bush vs. Biden Afghanistan Address
Trump lawyer Bruce Castor had quite a day.
Tuesday, 02.09.2021
Trump's Finest Legal Mind
Sidney Powell’s conspiracies. Lin Wood's Bible. Dog in sweater. Red solo cup.
Tuesday, 12.08.2020
Georgia's 'Stop the Steal' Event
Evictions are climbing, food lines are growing, unemployment benefits are soon expiring — and yet, still no stimulus agreement on Capitol Hill. Now, a bipartisan group of senators are taking matters into their own hands.
Thursday, 12.03.2020
New Bipartisan Relief Proposal
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: "There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration." (There will not be a second Trump administration.)
Thursday, 11.12.2020
Pompeo Hints at "Second Trump Administration"
Joe Biden is the president-elect. Now that we’ve settled that — the Trump admin is grasping at straws to halt the transition. Here’s how.
Thursday, 11.12.2020
Trump Still Not Conceding
Trump brags about crowd size... during a pandemic.
Friday, 10.30.2020
Trump Brags About Crowd Size
Donald Trump and Joe Biden held dueling town halls last night, one on NBC and one on ABC.
Friday, 10.16.2020
Trump's Town Hall vs. Biden's Town Hall
It was the final day of questioning for Amy Coney Barrett, but senators didn't receive many answers.
Thursday, 10.15.2020
Barrett Dodges Senate Questions
Amy Coney Barrett on marriage equality and Obergefell gives a very hypothetical answer: "If they outlawed same-sex marriage, there'd have to be a case challenging it. And for the Supreme Court to take it up, you'd have to have lower courts going along..."
Wednesday, 10.14.2020
ACB Dodges Same-Sex Marriage Question
Amy Coney Barrett can't answer basic questions about the Affordable Care Act.
Wednesday, 10.14.2020
ACB Doesn't Know Her ACA ABC's
Judge Barrett won’t say whether criminalizing IVF treatment would be constitutional.  Sen. Blumenthal (D-CT) calls her response “chilling” and says “millions of women, potential parents, would be horrified …”
Wednesday, 10.14.2020
Blumenthal Questions Barrett on IVF
Here's your 30-second summary of the Senate SCOTUS hearings so far:
Wednesday, 10.14.2020
Productive Questioning at SCOTUS Hearing
Trump then: Joe Biden is canceling the debates.  Trump now: I’m not doing the debate.
Monday, 10.12.2020
Trump Flip-Flops on Debates
Read it. Watch it. Understand it.
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