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Wednesday, 07.21.2021

The Deadly Fentanyl Surge

Drug overdoses killed a record 93,331 people in the U.S. in 2020 — more than gun violence and motor vehicles combined. It’s not heroin driving the steep rise in deaths, but a synthetic opioid 50 times more potent: fentanyl.

Drug overdoses killed a record 93,331 people in the U.S. in 2020 — more than gun violence and motor vehicles combined. It’s not heroin driving the steep rise in deaths, but a synthetic opioid 50 times more potent: fentanyl.
Wednesday, 07.21.2021
The Deadly Fentanyl Surge
Americans are not hitting the retirement savings benchmarks financial experts recommend — reaching retirement age with roughly half the dollar amount they’ll need. Meanwhile, Social Security is projected to deplete its cash reserves by 2035. Griffin Hammond explains the economic obstacles squeezing American family finances.
Monday, 07.12.2021
The State of American Retirement
No. Despite prominent Republicans declaring the Wuhan lab leak hypothesis “almost a certainty,” U.S. intelligence has remained consistent since the pandemic began: Of two scientifically plausible origin stories for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology is still considered the least probable.
Monday, 06.21.2021
Has the COVID Origin Story Changed?
In 2020, the biggest U.S. companies paid their median CEO $13.4 million, and their median worker $72,556. A ratio of 185-to-1. Senator Bernie Sanders has proposed a tax penalty for any pay ratio above 50-to-1.
Friday, 06.11.2021
Is CEO Pay Too Damn High?
The price of Bitcoin has quadrupled in the last year, driving its electricity consumption upward. Annually, Bitcoin now consumes three times the electricity of Singapore, a third as much as France.
Monday, 05.24.2021
Does Bitcoin Harm the Environment?
To capture those who attacked the U.S. Capitol, the FBI has relied on positive IDs from internet detectives, like Canadian researcher John Scott-Railton.
Friday, 01.15.2021
Using the Internet to Nab the Insurrectionists
President Trump’s legal team and several news networks repeatedly accused them of enabling election fraud. Now this voting software company is lawyering up.
Sunday, 01.10.2021
Smartmatic’s Case Against Right-Wing Media
President Trump’s supporters cheer when he calls for the end of this 25-year-old internet law. How did “Section 230” become Trump’s Big Tech catchphrase?
Sunday, 12.20.2020
Big Tech’s Section 230 Problem
Americans generate more plastic waste per capita than any people on Earth, with a dismal 8.5% recycling rate.
Sunday, 12.06.2020
Plastic Recycling Isn’t Happening
The prospect of abolishing the Electoral College is a long shot. Could a group of states collectively override it instead?
Tuesday, 11.24.2020
How to Bypass the Electoral College
Biden and Trump have each earned higher raw vote totals than we’ve ever seen in a U.S. presidential election. But as a percentage of voting-age population, their turnout doesn't beat historical records.
Tuesday, 11.17.2020
Are These Vote Totals Truly Historic?
The battle for control of the Senate will be extremely close. Here’s a cheat sheet to track the 14 competitive races—any one of them could tip the balance of power.
Thursday, 10.29.2020
Election Night Senate Cheat Sheet
Six core battleground states will likely decide the Electoral College. But the closest three contests – Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania – could be slow to report results.
Tuesday, 10.27.2020
When Will The Votes Be Counted?
When pundits and politicians cite the 25th Amendment, they’re usually referring to the extraordinary powers granted in Section 4—the only section that’s never been invoked.
Monday, 10.19.2020
The 25th Amendment
Despite what President Trump suggests, in most states, you can’t just show up on Election Day and declare yourself a “Poll Watcher.”
Sunday, 10.11.2020
No, You’re Probably Not A “Poll Watcher”
The White House released two photos on Saturday to demonstrate how hard the president is working, while hospitalized. The embedded metadata tells a different story.
Monday, 10.05.2020
EXIF Data Betrays the White House Narrative
President Trump says “everybody” owns stocks. It’s not only wrong. It’s wildly out of touch with household finances in the U.S.
Friday, 09.18.2020
Stocks Are Owned By Everybody
Broadly portraying the Black Lives Matter movement as “violent,” many Republicans have praised MLK as the model of “peaceful” protest. That’s revisionist history. In the 1960s, Dr. King faced nearly identical criticism.
Sunday, 09.13.2020
Revisionist History—Martin Luther King Jr.
Democrats spent last week framing this election as a referendum on President Trump alone. And this week, Trump agreed. This election isn’t about party, platform or policy — it’s about him.
Friday, 08.28.2020
The Trump Show
Joe Biden’s 2020 platform is more progressive than Hillary Clinton’s in 2016. But you wouldn’t know it from the moderate-focused messaging at the Democratic National Convention.
Friday, 08.21.2020
Democrats Are More Liberal Than Ever. Their Convention Wasn’t.
President Trump is seeking re-election with a peculiar campaign message: “Crime is out of control.” But the data tells a much more nuanced story.
Sunday, 08.16.2020
Crime Is Out of Control — and It's Down
Followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory believe the president’s tweets contain coded messages—proof he’s waging a secret war. Does Trump endorse this fringe political movement?
Friday, 07.24.2020
Is Trump on Team Q?
On the ballot this November — more than a dozen Republican Congressional candidates who embrace the right-wing conspiracy theory called QAnon. At least one is likely to win a seat on Capitol Hill.
Saturday, 07.11.2020
The QAnon Caucus
When simple memes and parody videos are labeled “doctored,” it distracts us from the truly deceitful fakes. Griffin Hammond explains what you need to keep an eye on.
Friday, 06.26.2020
Warning — Doctored Video
Why does Trump repeatedly claim Nancy Pelosi was “dancing in the streets of Chinatown” a week before the first U.S. COVID-19 death? Griffin Hammond tracks the evolution of this peculiar lie.
Saturday, 06.06.2020
Dancing in the Streets of Chinatown?
President Trump likes to say that before coronavirus, his economy was better than any in world history. It doesn’t sound true, so Griffin Hammond ran the numbers.
Monday, 05.11.2020
Greatest Economy in the History of the World
Griffin Hammond takes a closer look at Trump’s affinity for One America News Network and the network’s questionable journalistic integrity.
Wednesday, 04.29.2020
Why Does Trump Love OAN?
When Trump gets hot and bothered by a question in the briefing room, where does he turn? To One America News, of course.
Tuesday, 04.28.2020
What is OAN?
Fact-checking Trump is a tall task. But where exactly does the president get his misinformation? Griffin Hammond explains.
Thursday, 04.02.2020
Where Trump Gets His Misinformation
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