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Sunday, 05.24.2020

Trump on Defense in Battlegrounds

While his campaign aired attack ads in swing states, Trump again railed against mail-in voting this week, signaling a defensive posture as new polling showed his path to re-election narrowing.

While his campaign aired attack ads in swing states, Trump again railed against mail-in voting this week, signaling a defensive posture as new polling showed his path to re-election narrowing.
Sunday, 05.24.2020
Trump on Defense in Battlegrounds
Trump aggressively pushed a new conspiracy theory this week — tipping his hand as new signs of erosion in his base emerged.
Saturday, 05.16.2020
Obama Yanked to 2020 Center Stage
With his pandemic blues only continuing, Trump attempted to shift the focus away from his dwindling 2020 prospects this week — and invited a timely comparison in the process.
Saturday, 05.09.2020
Trump’s Mission Accomplished Moment?
With the president's schedule consumed by rage-tweeting, the spotlight shifted to Biden this week, forcing him to finally face questions about a potentially explosive allegation.
Sunday, 05.03.2020
Biden Reckons With Tough Questions
This week in political theater: Trump’s briefings continue to bring the drama, while Biden opens auditions for Madam VP.
Sunday, 04.26.2020
Madam VP? Biden’s Auditions Begin
Joe Biden finally made his mark this week after racking up key endorsements and hitting his media stride — but a new challenge awaits.
Saturday, 04.18.2020
Biden's Breakthrough Week
With the presidential race narrowing to its final two this week, the dynamics of the nascent general election began to emerge — adding new weight to a looming Trump decision.
Sunday, 04.12.2020
Bernie Bows As Trump Faces Key Hurdle
The coronavirus pandemic continued to realign the presidential race this week, delaying Democrats' summer convention and foreshadowing a bruising fight over voting rights in the fall.
Sunday, 04.05.2020
Pandemic Reshuffles 2020 Landscape
With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to upend the presidential race, the candidates moved to a split-screen campaign this week — delivering two messages for two Americas.
Saturday, 03.28.2020
Coronavirus Split-Screen: Pandemic Sends Candidates Toward Collision
With Joe Biden conquering another round of primaries, the nomination fight feels closer than ever to finish. But the coronavirus panic is threatening to throw the whole election into uncharted territory.
Saturday, 03.14.2020
Biden Dominates as Coronavirus Upends Race
Super Tuesday came, saw, and conquered most of the Democratic field this week, as the nomination contest rapidly shrank to its two final contenders — but maybe not for long.
Saturday, 03.07.2020
Dems Face New Landscape and New Frontrunner
With the Nevada caucuses fast approaching, the candidates tried their luck in Vegas this week, delivering the most fiery debate yet -- and setting the stage for an even bloodier clash moving forward.
Saturday, 02.22.2020
Dems Give Bloomberg Sizzling Vegas Welcome
As we hurdle toward Super Tuesday, two scenarios become increasingly likely to play out among the Democrats.
Saturday, 02.15.2020
The Bloomberg Factor
Saturday, 02.08.2020
Caucus Chaos Puts Biden Under Pressure
Saturday, 02.01.2020
Dems Panic Over Bernie as Iowa Arrives
Saturday, 01.25.2020
Bernie’s Brawls Place Target on His Back
Saturday, 01.18.2020
Warren-Sanders Feud Leaves Opening in Iowa
In the wake of General Soleimani’s death, Dems have spent the first week of 2020 seeking to establish their foreign policy bona fides. And with the new year comes a new frontrunner — understand Bernie’s boomlet in an all-new Recap 2020.
Saturday, 01.11.2020
Dems Maneuver The Middle East While Bernie Booms
Picture this: a contested 2020 Democratic National Convention. It could be in the cards if you consider the patterns of Michael Bloomberg's record-setting campaign spending. Understand the all-out ad-blitz strategy put into practice by the two billionaire Democratic candidates in this week's Recap 2020.
Friday, 12.20.2019
Dems Throw Punches While Bloomberg Throws Cash
With Kamala Harris's exit, an awkward reality dawned on Democratic leaders: The cast of the December debate is shaping up to be all-white. That reality, in turn, sparked a wider unease with how the party has handled the debates… John Heilemann is analyzing this and more in Recap 2020.
Friday, 12.06.2019
As Kamala Exits, Dems Ponder Debates' Legacy
Saturday, 11.23.2019
Dems Heed Obama's Call
Friday, 11.08.2019
Biden's Barbs, Impeachment Blues and Bloomberg's Bombshell
Sunday, 11.03.2019
Des Moines Demapalooza
Friday, 10.25.2019
Dems Don't Need a White Knight
Friday, 10.18.2019
The Buttigieg Breakout
Elizabeth Warren pulls ahead in polls, but as she learned this week, her frontrunner status bears a lot of baggage — something she has carried with ease thus far
Friday, 10.11.2019
A New Unofficial Yet Unequivocal Dem Frontrunner
The Democratic field exited summer campaign season, marked by the announcement of third quarter fundraising totals — a key measure of strength heading into the Fall
Saturday, 10.05.2019
Campaign Cash Gives Candidates Gut-Check as Biden Strikes Back at Trump
Could the impeachment inquiry signal a freeze in the democratic presidential field?
Saturday, 09.28.2019
Polls, Impeachment Signal New Era in Democrats' Battle
Now or Never: Heilemann also breaks down the growing pressure on middling candidates to make a move
Friday, 09.20.2019
Kamala’s Retreat From the Top Tier
Dems duked it out over health care but ultimately stayed united
Friday, 09.13.2019
Dems Remember to Embrace Obama, Attack Trump