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The must-see moments from 2020 debates, primaries, and everything in between
Thursday, 10.08.2020

Top Moments from the VP Debate

FLY through the most notable exchanges between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris at the first (and only) 2020 vice presidential debate.

FLY through the most notable exchanges between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris at the first (and only) 2020 vice presidential debate.
Thursday, 10.08.2020
Top Moments from the VP Debate
Mike Pence seemed to spend the vice presidential debate thanking the moderator for her questions — and proceeding to answer his own.
Thursday, 10.08.2020
Pence's Pivots
The candidates go head-to-head on the Trump Administration's coronavirus response in the first and only 2020 vice presidential debate.
Thursday, 10.08.2020
Harris and Pence Face Off on COVID
From health care policy to white supremacy, here’s how the presidential candidates answered the most pressing questions facing the country.
Wednesday, 09.30.2020
Top Moments From a Chaotic First Debate
The candidates clashed in intensely personal terms in the first debate, challenging each other's intelligence, qualifications, and manhood.
Wednesday, 09.30.2020
Biden and Trump Wrestle For Macho Mantle
Trump and Biden go toe-to-toe in the first debate on race, policing and white supremacy in America.
Wednesday, 09.30.2020
Trump vs. Biden on the Issues: Race
The candidates tackled the COVID issue tonight — from very different perspectives. Biden came at Trump’s lack of response, while Trump assured the public Biden would have done worse.
Wednesday, 09.30.2020
Trump vs. Biden on the Issues: COVID
"That was a shitshow."
Wednesday, 09.30.2020
Post-Debate Reaction
Four years ago at the Republican convention, Trump declared “he alone could fix” America's problems. Four years later, the pitch — and the problems — remained strikingly similar.
Friday, 08.28.2020
2016 Trump vs. 2020 Trump
Republicans brought out their heavy hitters for the final night of the convention: Ivanka Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and the man of the hour.
Friday, 08.28.2020
7 Highlights from GOP Convention Night 4
From Mike Pence’s call for “law and order” to Madison Cawthorn’s “radical” stand for the American flag, here are the six highlights from Night 3 of the Republican National Convention.
Thursday, 08.27.2020
6 Highlights from GOP Convention Night 3
The Republican convention has been factually challenged, but Night 3 took blunders and bald-faced lies to new levels.
Thursday, 08.27.2020
Night 3 Theme: Mistakes and Falsehoods
First Lady Melania called for unity. Sec. Mike Pompeo dropped in from Jerusalem. And the Trump kids invoked “My Father.” If you didn’t watch Night 2 of the GOP convention, here’s what you missed
Wednesday, 08.26.2020
7 Highlights from GOP Convention Night 2
About time the RNC summoned its culture warriors to come cancel you.
Wednesday, 08.26.2020
Night 2 Theme: You Will Be Canceled Next
Sen. Tim Scott hits Biden on race and Kimberly Guilfoyle literally turns up the volume — here are seven notable moments from Night 1 of the Republican National Convention.
Tuesday, 08.25.2020
7 Highlights from GOP Convention Night 1
White House aides said the Republican convention would show off hope and optimism. How does this sound?
Tuesday, 08.25.2020
Night 1 Theme: Fear
It’s official: Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee for president. Here are the night’s top 7 moments — from Biden’s pledge to unify America to a brave young man’s speech about tackling his disability.
Friday, 08.21.2020
Top 7 Moments from Dem Convention Night 4
Julia Louis-Dreyfus made the most of her turn hosting the final night of the Democratic convention, zinging Trump and delivering an emotional plea to voters.
Friday, 08.21.2020
A Night of Zings From Julia Louis-Dreyfus
A soaring Obama speech has been a fixture of Democratic conventions since 2004. But 2020 was ... a little different
Thursday, 08.20.2020
A Changed Obama Takes the Stage
Stark warnings from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Inspiration from Gabby Giffords. And a career-defining speech from Kamala Harris. Here are your top moments of the night.
Thursday, 08.20.2020
Top 8 Moments From Dem Convention Night 3
The speakers at night two of the Democratic National Convention spanned the spectrum of voices, from a former president to a proud security guard.
Wednesday, 08.19.2020
Top 6 Moments From Dem Convention Night 2
Hear from Khizr Khan, Fred Guttenberg, the parents of Matthew Shepard, and more as we take you around the country for the Democratic nomination roll call.
Wednesday, 08.19.2020
Powerful Moments From the Roll Call
From battle cries to emotional pleas, here are the top 10 moments from the first night of the Democratic National Convention.
Tuesday, 08.18.2020
Top 10 Moments From Dem Convention Night 1
The Democratic National Convention opened its virtual doors to a handful of Republicans who showed up and spoke out in support of Joe Biden.
Tuesday, 08.18.2020
Republicans Come Out For Biden
President Trump's niece, Mary Trump, calls her uncle a sociopath, narcissist, and cheat in a tell-all book set for release July 14. But we have some early excerpts ... and they're juicy.
Wednesday, 07.08.2020
Mary Trump's Book in 60 Seconds
And then there were two. Sanders and Biden stepped up to their CDC-approved podiums and let it rip in the 11th Democratic debate.
Monday, 03.16.2020
Top 4 Moments from the Biden/Sanders Debate
Meet Griffin Hammond. He’s a filmmaker who covers campaign events for The Recount. Here’s how he does it.
Monday, 03.09.2020
Go Behind the Scenes at a Campaign Event
If you're an aging white man, Liz Plank has a new service to help YOU run for president! Call now before time runs out!
Thursday, 03.05.2020
Introducing PresidentiOLD!
Bernie says he's electable against Trump. His opponents disagree. But what do the polls say?
Sunday, 03.01.2020
Is Bernie Electable According to Polls?
Joe Biden got it in the bag tonight — but here’s what South Carolina means in the grand scheme of 2020.
Sunday, 03.01.2020
Biden Wins Big in South Carolina
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