2020 Election
The must-see moments from 2020 debates, primaries, and everything in between
Thursday, 04.02.2020

Where Trump Gets His Misinformation

Fact-checking Trump is a tall task. But where exactly does the president get his misinformation? Griffin Hammond explains.

Fact-checking Trump is a tall task. But where exactly does the president get his misinformation? Griffin Hammond explains.
Thursday, 04.02.2020
Where Trump Gets His Misinformation
If Trump botched the coronavirus response, then why are his approval ratings still rising? It could have something to do with his press briefings-turned-rallies.
Monday, 03.30.2020
How Trump Turns Briefings Into Rallies
And then there were two. Sanders and Biden stepped up to their CDC-approved podiums and let it rip in the 11th Democratic debate.
Monday, 03.16.2020
Top 4 Moments from the Biden/Sanders Debate
Biden’s campaign has made quite the turnaround since this time last month — analyze how his messaging has changed from then to now.
Thursday, 03.12.2020
Communications Expert Breaks Down Biden's New Message
Meet Griffin Hammond. He’s a filmmaker who covers campaign events for The Recount. Here’s how he does it.
Monday, 03.09.2020
Go Behind the Scenes at a Campaign Event
Bernie says he's electable against Trump. His opponents disagree. But what do the polls say?
Sunday, 03.01.2020
Is Bernie Electable According to Polls?
Joe Biden got it in the bag tonight — but here’s what South Carolina means in the grand scheme of 2020.
Sunday, 03.01.2020
Biden Wins Big in South Carolina
The Democratic Party needs young black women, but do young black women want the Democrats?
Thursday, 02.27.2020
Are Democrats Taking Black Women For Granted?
Elizabeth Warren is the best communicator in the presidential race — take it from political communications expert & Obama administration vet Jennifer Palmieri.
Wednesday, 02.26.2020
How Elizabeth Warren Hides Messages in her Speeches
Ah, debate #10 and the Dems go at it yet again. Here are the top 4 moments (read: arguments) of the night. Proceed with caution...
Wednesday, 02.26.2020
Top 4 Moments from the Tenth Dem Debate
What a substantive debate in South Carolina tonight! So much for southern charm, huh?
Wednesday, 02.26.2020
The Tenth Debate or Whatever This Is
It was a huge night for Bernie Sanders — but what exactly does his Nevada victory mean for the 2020 race? Get the facts and implications in 5 minutes.
Sunday, 02.23.2020
Big Sanders Win in Nevada \ Nevada Caucuses Takeaways \ Trump's Take
It's illegal. It's risky. But it could be totally worth it. Who are you betting on in this race?
Friday, 02.21.2020
Uncut Dems
The gloves came off in the ninth debate. Are we really surprised? Here are the spars, spats, and — of course — the substance you need to see.
Thursday, 02.20.2020
Fight Night in Vegas
Warren came with her knives sharpened at the ninth democratic debate.
Thursday, 02.20.2020
Elizabeth Warren: Knives Out
Are we sure this aired on NBC and not E! or Bravo?
Thursday, 02.20.2020
Debate Night Reality Show
Get ready — we've got a "new" face at the debate tomorrow. Let's take a look at Bloomberg's past debate performances:
Tuesday, 02.18.2020
Bloomberg Debate History
Liz Plank is in New Hampshire talking to voters about the possibility of a woman in the White House.
Sunday, 02.16.2020
Just Because We Haven’t Had A Woman President Doesn’t Mean We Never Can
When Bernie declared victory in New Hampshire last night, the energy in the room was undeniable.
Wednesday, 02.12.2020
Bernie Wins New Hampshire
The wins and losses and the highlights and lowlights of the NH primary — all right here, right now, in under 5 minutes.
Wednesday, 02.12.2020
Sanders Wins New Hampshire \ New Hampshire Takeaways \ Yang Drops Out
Momentum from Iowa is one thing, but will it be enough for Pete Buttigieg to eclipse Bernie Sanders in the New Hampshire primary?
Tuesday, 02.11.2020
Buttigieg Battles Bernie in New Hampshire
Monday, 02.10.2020
James Carville Sounds the Alarm in NH
Saturday, 02.08.2020
2020: The Most Emotional Election Yet
Saturday, 02.08.2020
Top 3 Moments from the Eighth Dem Debate
Friday, 02.07.2020
Biden's Final Days in Iowa
Tuesday, 02.04.2020
Iowa Caucuses Clusterf%*k \ Candidates Take the Stage Anyway
Monday, 02.03.2020
Kind Words on the Road
Monday, 02.03.2020
The Question of Klobuchar
Sunday, 02.02.2020
Iowa Poll F%*ked Up