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Dems Maneuver The Middle East While Bernie Booms

Recap 2020

In the wake of General Soleimani’s death, Dems have spent the first week of 2020 seeking to establish their foreign policy bona fides. And with the new year comes a new frontrunner — understand Bernie’s boomlet in an all-new Recap 2020.


Dems Throw Punches While Bloomberg Throws Cash

Recap 2020

Picture this: a contested 2020 Democratic National Convention. It could be in the cards if you consider the patterns of Michael Bloomberg's record-setting campaign spending. Understand the all-out ad-blitz strategy put into practice by the two billionaire Democratic candidates in this week's Recap 2020.


As Kamala Exits, Dems Ponder Debates' Legacy

Recap 2020

With Kamala Harris's exit, an awkward reality dawned on Democratic leaders: The cast of the December debate is shaping up to be all-white. That reality, in turn, sparked a wider unease with how the party has handled the debates… John Heilemann is analyzing this and more in Recap 2020.


The Buttigieg Breakout

Recap 2020

A New Unofficial Yet Unequivocal Dem Frontrunner

Recap 2020

Elizabeth Warren pulls ahead in polls, but as she learned this week, her frontrunner status bears a lot of baggage — something she has carried with ease thus far


The Outlier Problem

Recap 2020

How one screwy poll dominated political news this week—and the lessons for voters, the media … and Team Biden


Recap 2020 8.2.2019

Recap 2020

Here's the second edition of Recap 2020, our weekly review of the happenings on the Democratic presidential campaign trail.


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The Victory Lab

In Defense of the Iowa Caucuses

Unrepresentative. Unfair. Outdated. These are just some of the words pundits, politicians, and party officials have used to describe the Iowa caucuses. Sasha Issenberg — political journalist and author — disagrees. In fact, he's willing to go out on a limb to defend the caucuses unlike anyone else. Hear his case in the first episode of The Victory Lab, Recount's new video essay series. Oh, and wondering what the hell the Iowa caucuses are or how they work? Don't worry, Issenberg explains the process in terms everyone can understand — with M&Ms.

The Daily Recount

Impeachment Trial: The Week Ahead

The Daily Recount: Weekend Edition is here — your recap of the weekend in politics and a glimpse at the week ahead. We’re just two days away from the historic impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Here’s everything you need to know.

The Daily Recount

Sondland's Explosive Testimony \ Trump's Sondland Problem \ Dem Debate Preview \ Everybody Loves Gordon

Doesn't get much clearer than the "answer is yes." Sondland veered onto an alternate course today as he confirms a quid pro quo. Plus, that $1 million donation to Trump's inaugural committee didn't stop Sondland from throwing the president under the bus, along with Pompeo… and Bolton… and Mulvaney… and Pence… and Giuliani. Holy shit. Oh, and if that weren't enough, there's a Dem debate tonight at 9 p.m. ET.

The Daily Recount

Pressure Mounts on Pelosi

Those impeachment articles have been sitting on Nancy Pelosi’s desk for three weeks now — sad, lonely, scared — but pressure is rising to turn them over. Today the House voted to limit the president’s war powers. Plus, Trump deals a blow to the climate crisis, and Sarah Sanders needs a refresher on the Constitution.