Joe Scarborough

John Heilemann welcomes Joe Scarborough, the co-host of MSNBC's Morning Joe, just two days before the final votes for the critical midterm elections are cast. Heilemann and Scarborough discuss why it's so difficult to predict the results of the key Senatorial, congressional, and gubernatorial races; the prevalence of Republican attack ads on television and the paucity of countermeasures taken by Democrats; the importance of the Hispanic vote in determining the final results and why Republicans have been able to capture a larger share of these voters; how Democrats can improve their messaging; the political genius of Barack Obama and his efforts to push back against missteps made by his party; and why Mallory McMorrow and Josh Shapiro are the rising stars the Democrat's need to succeed in the future. Joe also tells us whether a run for office is in his future; why he'll never be a Republican again; and why he thinks Donald Trump can never win another election.



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