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A New Era in Virginia

Bonus Stories

Virginia made some moves during the last election — namely, turning all three branches of its government blue, making it the 36th trifecta state in the country. Let’s see what’s on Virginia’s docket in this new E.R.A.


Best of Rudy Giuliani

Bonus Stories

Top flight legal analysis, unflappable courtroom presence, unrivaled high-tech savvy. We could only be talking about one attorney: Mr. Rudy Giuliani. Some say 2019 was the Year of the Rudy. And others… haven’t watched his greatest hits yet.


The Mooch Reviews 2019’s Top White House Departures

Bonus Stories

It’s time to pay our respects to the dearly departed White House staffers of 2019. Buckle up for an unforgettable In Memoriam from the one, the only, The Mooch.


2019 in Review: Impeachment Hearing Moments

Bonus Stories

The Recount's Year in Review is bringing you all of the impeachment hearing moments that made our jaws drop and hearts stop


2019 in Review: Viral Dem Moments

Bonus Stories

The campaign trail to 2020 is long and paved with lawn signs of those who've dropped out. Here are the Democratic candidate moments of 2019 worth remembering.


Best of Chopper Talk

Bonus Stories

It's become Trumpian canon to pause for impromptu moments of unrestrained commentary before lifting off in Marine One. It’s something that we at The Recount are incredibly grateful for this holiday season. As our gift to you, we present the best of President Trump’s chopper talk.


2019 in Review: Non-Impeachment Hearing Moments

Bonus Stories

Lest you forget 2019's important congressional hearings outside of the world of are the moments you should remember, from heartfelt yearning to epic burning.


Trump’s Red State Blues Continue

Bonus Stories

Let's talk about Louisiana. The Deep South's only Dem governor was re-elected this weekend, dealing another blow to President Trump in a gubernatorial race (remember last week's Kentucky results?) We're breaking down the larger implications of these recent Dem wins.


The Bitch Bill

Bonus Stories

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The Victory Lab

In Defense of the Iowa Caucuses

Unrepresentative. Unfair. Outdated. These are just some of the words pundits, politicians, and party officials have used to describe the Iowa caucuses. Sasha Issenberg — political journalist and author — disagrees. In fact, he's willing to go out on a limb to defend the caucuses unlike anyone else. Hear his case in the first episode of The Victory Lab, Recount's new video essay series. Oh, and wondering what the hell the Iowa caucuses are or how they work? Don't worry, Issenberg explains the process in terms everyone can understand — with M&Ms.

The Daily Recount

Impeachment Trial: The Week Ahead

The Daily Recount: Weekend Edition is here — your recap of the weekend in politics and a glimpse at the week ahead. We’re just two days away from the historic impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Here’s everything you need to know.